Samstag, 19. April 2014


Adorn by Shini Park & Kit Lee

notebook via Lille Store

a temptation I couldn't resist, DAISY by Marc Jacobs

blossoming trees

Happy Easter!

a walk through Hyde Park

Back in my hometown for a week, a birthday and Easter on plan and perfectionism being THE way 
of living without any exceptions for both my mum and me, I hardly had a second to breathe not even
to mention a spare moment to get my head around anything like my blog. Two cakes, a hell lot of gift
wrapping and food (yes, it was breakfast, cake, lunch, ice cream, cake & dinner is about to be served)
later, I finally managed to escape from the general buzz and thought I'd share a few bits
and bobs of how I've been enjoying my weekends in London lately before 
getting back to talking Easter egg hunt. 
Anyway, enjoy yours tomorrow!


miss annie

Freitag, 11. April 2014

Same Same But Different

dress: Dahlia, coat: Red Valentino

While I have been in two minds about sharing these photos with you for the past week (arguing with
myself is one of those particular strengths I have kept on refining for years without even ever getting
a nod of appreciation for), the pink blossoms convinced me to ignore the good ol' blogger rule of
#neverpostinganoutfittwice adding #atleastnotinarow. Et voilà, a change of background, a change 
of mood & an homage to spring and its beauty. As for the weekend ahead, "The Glamour of Italian
Fashion" exhibition at the V&A and Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican are a must for everyone who
happens to be in London and if you should happen to come across a bookshop on your way, check 
the shelves for Shini's and Kit's DIY book, "Adorn", which not only is truly inspiring and visually
pleasing, but also a great source of motivation to finally really delve into the art of DIY.
Happy Friday!


miss annie

Freitag, 4. April 2014

Holland Park

White dresses, white buildings and me - a never-ending love story, I suppose, or the very least one I
would ever associate an ending with (except for my imaginary loft in Manhattan, of course). As most 
of you might have realised, this is the third return of the Daisy Dress by Dahlia paired with a very
classic spring coat with a 60s vibe to it and a rather fancy feather hair clip to add a bit of an eye-catcher.
Surreally perfect surroundings, lunch on a bench in Holland park and a cloudless sky - 
don't we all prefer London's sunny face? 
Happy Friday!


miss annie

Which one is your favourite? 

Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Things, Like a Walk in the Park

exploring Shoreditch

proper breakfast buns at the Borough Market

Spitalfields Market

The Nordic Bakery at its best

Harvey Nichols' shopping window

faux fur jacket: & other stories, dress: Romwe, earrings: Swarovski

Broadway Market

The last couple of days bundled up in a few snapshots: Shoreditch, Broadway Market,
Scandinavian deliciousness at the Nordic Bakery, the smell of spring, halfway back to winter
temperatures, Vanilla Roibos teas and talks, started studying Mandaring (it is official now, no way 
to escape secretly), booked tickets for a real roller disco (inspired by Paper & Places' newest music 
video ) with further plans in mind concerning the recently released Yves Saint Laurent movie.
It's been a busy week!


miss annie

Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

White Infinity

dress worn as blouse: Dahlia, skirt: Topshop, ankle boots: Topshop, 
headband: Zara, earrings: Accessorize

On one of these super sunny days spring has treated us with lately, Serah and I had an amazing
day out in the streets of London. We enjoyed la cuisine francaise in Soho, took the tube to South
Kensington for the sake of a white, clean and bright background (blogger issues) and treated
ourselves to some frozen delights afterwards (because yes, tights and long sleeves were
absolutely inappropriate- to my great surprise). As you may (or may not) know, I am a great
fan of skirt-shirt combinations and thus an attempt of channeling the Daisy Dress by Dahlia
 into a blouse was an almost obligatory step- plus it emphasises the shape of its embellished
sleeves and draws the attention they deserve to them (as if they had been complaining last time).
By the way, if you haven't watched The Grand Budapest Hotel yet, go and reserve some seats, Wes
Anderson really is a genius (still absolutely speechless and in deep admiration for the wonders of
his newest cinematic world full of adorable details and for his unrivalled sense of humour)!


miss annie